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  • History of Pets – Basenji

    Well-known for their bark, or should we say lack thereof, the Basenji have dapper, short coats, curious and alert fur-sonalities, ...


    MONTEGO’S BOTSWANA BONANZA IS BACK AND BIGGER THAN EVER More than P45 000 in prizes to be won, plus the chance to ...

  • History of Pets – Ragdoll Cat

    Quick Ragdoll Cat Facts: Ragdolls are a relatively new breed in the kitty kingdom. Ragdolls were “created” in 1963, their origin credited ...

  • History of Pets – Saluki

    With its refined demeanour, the Saluki is the embodiment of grace and speed. These sleek and silky-coated ‘sight-hounds’ – which ...

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Montego Pet Nutrition

Get the inside scoop from the lovely Absolute Vanessa on our extended Bags O' Wags chewies range here! 💙🐶Meet my fur kids #Max and #Rocco and what I have been treating them to lately on the blog: www.absolutevanessa.co.za #pets Montego Pet Nutrition Tribeca Public Relations ... See MoreSee Less

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Have you spotted our newly expanded cat range? Our improved Kitten with Succulent Chicken comes in small-bite, clover-shaped kibbles making it easier for small mouths to grasp and chew food. How many of our exciting cat products can you find hidden in the image? Leave your answer in the comments section and be sure to check back for the winner announcement! 💙🐱💙 ... See MoreSee Less

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True or False? Montego’s Classic Kitten and Adult Cat dry cat food now comes with a Hairball Assist benefit. Let us know your answer by reacting with either a Like or Love. ... See MoreSee Less

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A diet that’s Guided by Nature™ benefits your dog’s overall health but dogs of different ages and breeds have different nutritional requirements. Field + Forest™ has products that support the growth, development and sustained health of all dogs. Refer to our feeding guidelines to see what’s right for your companion, considering the different breeds, sizes and life stages. ... See MoreSee Less

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BREAKING MEWS! You can now pampurr your feline friends with our newly extend range for cats! We now have Sauce for Cats, wet food pouches for adult cats and kittens, chicken and new tuna variant dry food for adult cats with Hairball Assist and easy-to-chew, clover-shaped kibble for kittens – truly a feast fit for all cats! ... See MoreSee Less

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