Take a moment to view our new adorable cat video featuring the prizes of our Eat Play Love Purrrmotion.

Special thanks to Kitty and Puppy Haven for helping us out.

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We love this dogs expression as a squirrel tries to bury a nut in his fur: ... See MoreSee Less

Please enjoy this squirrel attempting to hide a nut... inside a dog's fur

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Struggling for a smile today? These smiling Pitbulls should get you going. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi guys, just wanted to tell you that I have just started giving my dogs Montego Classic Senior and they LOVE it!
I have two dogs of my own aged 15 and 8 and I also foster two old ladies from Irwin Animal Rescue who are both 8+ so it's great to find food that they all like and at a reasonable price :-)
Thank you.
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Plz may I have ur email adres ... See MoreSee Less

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Happy Friday everyone! Hope this weekend leaves you feeling just as pampered as this little kitty. ... See MoreSee Less

aaawww <3

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