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We have been using Montego for the last 3 years and have been happy until now when our friend (boarding kennel owner and registered breeder) pointed out that the quality of the food seemed to have changed.

As we (registered breeders) rely on my niece to do the feeding we have not personally been keeping a check until now and my finding are:
1) the aroma when dry is not as appertising as it was;
2) The aroma when served wet is worse;
3) the fat content seems to have been decreased;
4) The food is no longer as palatable as it was;
5) my small dogs (2 Jack Russells) are just not interested;
6) my adults 7 German Shepherds who normally eat very enthusiastically are just not interested.
We are now doing a trial with the dog food that we used previously and if our findings are correct we will be changing over permanently and advising our puppy owners and friends accordingly.
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